CEO Greeting


Hello! Welcome to our Website. "Neomac-Couplings" in KOREA!


Sincerely we do hope to be your best partner, which is our dream and our goal of Biz going in manufacturing. Export & Import and domestic sales in Power Transmission Equipment Field, especially in line shaft couplings business. I can tell you. 

We, Neomac - Couplings has been keeping to develop not only manpower of Technical services, but also improve various production facilities in our factory and that for the result, at the ahead of new year of 2015, in new address /
builings of Office in SEOUL Industrial Plant Area, we'd like to be proud of NEOMAC-C's mission & NEOMAC-C's co-operative philosophies as follows :
NEOMAC-C's Mission : Our objectives have always been to deliver world-class power transmission products including good services with no changes.
NEOMAC-C's Co-operative Philosophies : Always be honest to customers and be fair to our valued business partners.


We look forward to hearing your good news continuosly!


President / Neomac-Couplings